All active Internet users know how frustrating constant ads can be when you are browsing the web. They are not only distracting but are often made in such a way that you click on them even when you don’t want to. The easiest way to deal with this problem is to install an effective ad blocker such as Z-Lock.

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The advantages you will experience after installing our Z-Lock extension.

1 - Exact settings

You can adjust the exact settings related to ads.

2 - Remove ads

You can easily remove ads, trackers, and spam on different sites.

3 - Privacy

Your privacy is protected when you use this extension.

4 - Speed

Your Internet pages will load faster with this ad blocker.

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Designed as a browser extension, Z-Lock easy to install and works in the background when you are online.

This section presents promotional materials so that you can evaluate how our extension works.

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The browser extension and you don’t need to register to start using it immediately. If there is a certain site you want to open but isn’t compatible with an ad blocker, you can simply make it an exception in the settings. With a browser extension, you minimize the risk of infecting your computer with viruses, which is also incredibly important.


When using our browser extension, you don’t compromise your privacy. Our goal is to help you avoid malicious scams and trackers, so you can maintain your confidentiality when using the Internet. There is an encryption system that ensures that your information is not stored on our servers.

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